Get Involved

Sound Maps of London Road is calling upon local community groups, shopkeepers, residents, creators of space and historians of the streets. Together we will record the cultural richness and revitalise the soul of this part of Brighton & Hove!

If you are local to the area and would like to tell a London Road related story of any kind, contribute to an archive of personal history, or simply capture the sounds on the street then please get in touch.

London Road Sound Mapping Weekend, March 2010

Armed with all the portable recording devices we could lay our hands on, we hit the streets to record the sounds and stories of the area. We then dropped off our recordings at a Mapping Room in a near-by location ready to be plotted the map.

London Road Historical Trail, Brighton, March 2010

An introduction to Sound Maps of London Road and an historical trail of the area – part of Brighton & Hove Adult Learning Festival

Photography by Andrew Cooper